Breast Cancer Awareness Saves Lives

Every woman has a risk of developing cancer simply because of her gender. Yet, many other risk factors also determine your risks of developing breast cancer. Keep in mind that cancer is not exclusive to women. Hundreds of men also develop breast cancer every year, but it is not as common. It is important to pay attention to changes in your breasts and assess your cancer risks to ensure you maintain good health.  There are treatments for cancer, including charleston breast cancer surgery, but the odds of survival increase when caught early. The following information provides much-needed insight concerning breast cancer, giving you details that can help save your life.

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More than 266,000 new breast cancer cases are diagnosed every year. It is important to perform home breast checks and visit a gynecologist for regular exams. Lumps in the breasts are often a sign of invasive cancer. The older you are, the more important cancer screenings become. Two out of three women diagnosed with breast cancer are aged 55 or older. However, if close relatives have been diagnosed with breast cancer, your risks of also developing the condition increase.  If your mother, grandmother, or sister had breast cancer, your risks double. Heredity is another breast cancer factor.

Breast cancer affects white women more often than Hispanic, Black, and Asian women. However, when black women develop breast cancer, it is usually more aggressive. Women who are overweight and who give birth after age 30 also increase their risks of developing breast cancer.  Additional factors that may increase the risk of developing breast cancer include drinking alcohol, dense beasts, and a lack of exercise. Stay active, visit the gynecologist regularly, and perform self-breast exams to stay healthy and better safeguard yourself against breast cancer.